from October 16 to 17, 2023 

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The 3rd edition of VinOmed offers a mixed formula so that its Mediterranean exhibitors can benefit from pre-planned meetings with international buyers, as well as from the interest of freely circulating professional visitors.

In 2022, the VinOmed trade fair took off internationally with the arrival of delegations from South Korea and the US, an international approach highly appreciated by producers. This year, for its 3rd edition, VinOmed becomes VinOmed Meetings, adopts a new format for international visitors and moves to Toulouse, the wine capital of Europe in 2023.  Mediterranean exhibitors will be able to plan one-on-one meetings with international buyers in advance, as well as benefit from a diverse group of independent, professional visitors.

VinOmed Meetings becomes a business convention, with pre-programmed rendezvous with importers from Asia, the Americas and Europe, while still a trade fair for professional wine merchants, hoteliers, restaurants, distributors, and sommeliers - local and national.

Producers of Mediterranean wines deserve a professional event, anchored in and dedicated to the region, an event that meets their needs and expectations.

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Sophie Guinand, Domaine Guinand

Un terroir à la croisée des influences océaniques et méditerranéennes

Le Domaine de Saint-Martin dans l’Aude, un domaine familial depuis 4 générations mené par Henri Cases. Il nous présente sa vision […] »


Sophie Guinand, Domaine Guinand

Pionnier du bio, le Domaine de Brau se réinvente.

Pour Fabien Revol, « le vin tout seul n’a pas de sens, le salut du vigneron c’est sa capacité à valoriser l’écosystème, s’engager dans des démarches environnementales impactantes, à faire venir les gens chez lui et partager son histoire […] »


Sophie Guinand, Domaine Guinand

Renouvellement de la participation du Domaine de Monthélys à VinOmed

« Le Domaine de Monthélys en AOP Faugères expose à nouveau sur Vinomed en 2022. Cette année j’ai renouvelé ma confiance aux organisateurs de VinOmed car je souhaite développer l’export […] »


1136 visiteurs en 2 jours
nationaux et internationaux.


121 exposants,  producteurs
du bassin méditerranéen

11 conférences, ateliers, master classes
qui ont fait salle comble



Mandatory for all wines and spirits bottled after December 8, 2023, each bottle will now have to list all ingredients used, nutritional values, ...

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