The Southern wine and Wine Tourism Fair


October 24 and 25, 2022 

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VinOmed 2021, 100% southern wine and wine fair! With 75 exhibitors, the show presented 462 products from 40 production terroirs, 24 AOP and 7 IGP. See the VinOmed report

Montpellier, the 1st wine metropolis in France. The producers of Occitanie Pyrénées-Mediterranean, France’s leading wine region, deserve a dedicated professional event rooted in the region. Buyers are used to coming to meet them, they are looking for proximity, authenticity and shared experiences. The stakes are there. VINOMED was born in this spirit: a southern wine and wine tourism fair A trade show, on a human scale, decentralized. A trade show that is part of the development of an regional, national business strategy pour vendre son vin with an opening to international markets, and in a wine tourism offer which wants to be closer to the consumer.  

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Sophie Guinand, Domaine Guinand

Pionnier du bio, le Domaine de Brau se réinvente.

Pour Fabien Revol, “le vin tout seul n’a pas de sens, le salut du vin c’est sa capacité à valoriser l’écosystème, s’engager dans des démarches environnementales impactantes, à faire venir les gens chez lui et partager son histoire […]”


Sophie Guinand, Domaine Guinand

Renouvellement de la participation du Domaine de Monthélys à VinOmed

“Le Domaine de Monthélys en AOP Faugères expose à nouveau sur Vinomed en 2022. Cette année j’ai renouvelé ma confiance aux organisateurs de VinOmed car je souhaite développer l’export […]”


Sophie Guinand, Domaine Guinand

Le Clos de l’Anhel en Corbières, des vins sans artifices, droits, purs et francs ...

C’est un domaine riche de biodiversité qui lui offre les moyens d’élaborer des vins simples, efficaces, fins et élégants.  Des vins qui lui ressemblent, des vins bio-engagés […]


1128 visitors in 2 days. 92% nationals and 8% internationals from 14 countries.


462 wine references presented,
40 terroirs including 24 PDO and 7 IGP

In 2021, 92 wine tourism offers
were presented to visitors.


Marketplace by VinOmed

At the initiative of the Southern Wine Fair and VinOmed Wine Tourism, the first digital market place of the southern winesMarketplace by VinOmed” est désormais effective et offre aux vignerons un accès privilégié au marché mondial des vins et spiritueux.

Each winemaker benefits from a personalized profile, with photos, videos, detailed information on their wines and wine tourism offer... . He receives his requests for information or samples directly without intermediary.

A global promotion. with an e-mail campaign on geographical areas in waves, from August to December 2022 to reach more than 39,000 national and international professional contacts... Regular LinkedIn, FaceBook, Instagram publications will also be produced to promote the domains…



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