The website www.tasted.wine and Andreas Larsson, the world’s best sommelier in 2007, organize, for Vinomed, The Mediterranean Wine Competition. FREE FOR ALL VINOMED EXHIBITORS!

Each region of the Mediterranean basin having its own indigenous grape varieties but also varieties similar to other regions (ex Graciano in Spain = Minustellu in Corsica), the competition will offer extremely varied tasting categories.

The results of the tasting will be published on April 27, at the opening of the show. They will also be posted online and freely accessible on www.tasted.wine, published on social networks, sent to 70,000 professionals (sommeliers, buyers, distributors, journalists, etc.) subscribed to the Tasted.wine weekly newsletter, transmitted to their network of 23,000 buyers / distributors around the world, shared with the Vivino and Wineadvisor communities.

To participate contact Javier MIGUET: javier@tasted.wine

Hosted by: Andréas Larsson, best sommelier in the world 2007 and the company Tasted.Wine.

Andreas Larsson makes notes and tasting comments available to the winemakers. Recognized as an outstanding and impartial taster, specialized in blind tasting, able to judge a huge variety of wine styles after traveling the world and working in the finest restaurants for over 20 years.

TASTED organises wine tastings with Andreas Larsson, as a feedback and promotion tool for all winemakers. They treat all wines and spirits similarly : all are tasted by Andreas Larsson in optimal and perfectly identical conditions.  They guarantee that all tasting results are perfectly objective and trustworthy.

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